Handcrafted with Love, Strong and Green

ChicaTotes are a product of   Sorto.com and handwoven by artisans in El Salvador  You can see more crafts at Ilobasco.org. Called the "Ceramic Capital of the World" Ilobasco, El Salvador is a great place to interact with local artists. You will find beautiful ceramica fruits and vegetables, as well as "Sorpresas" - tiny scenes of every day life in miniature hand painted ceramic form.

Style Number CTS001   $24.95

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These baskets are made from recycled plastic and are ideal for going to the market, the beach, or shopping for just about anything. These totes are free standing and very strong - which is why every shopper in El Salvador has one. Unlike fabric bags, these won't fall apart, and unlike baskets made from dried grasses - these are washable and resist bacteria.

Style Number CTS002   $24.95


Style Number CTS003             $24.95


Style Number CTS004               $24.95


Style Number CTS005            $24.95


Style Number CTL001    $29.95

Environmentally Friendly Shopping Totes

Sorto.com specializes in handcrafted art from the country of El Salvador.
These baskets are handwoven from  strands of recyled plastic. They are durable, and are used in daily life by the people of Central America for daily shopping. 

Ceramic Art : Sorpresa, Ceramic Fruit and Vegetables

  • Ceramic Fruits
  • Ceramic Vegetables
  • Ceramic Vases
  • Sorpresas
  • Ceramic Animals 
  • Ceramic Wind Chimes